Update on Park: Wildlife; News-Post Article on Trees 11-16-2017

First, wildlife: Three foxes have been spotted together. Did our pair have a youngster?  One fox likes to roam in the afternoons east end of Waterford. Also, the three turkey kids are roosting away from the lighted part of the park. All is well. Moma or papa turkey has been at the west end of Baker Park. Turkey flew into a tree near a great blue heron, and the turkey won out. Heron flew off. Also west end of Baker Park, a fox has been there several times. Was seen catching a squirrel. Wow, wish the fox would come to my yard and get some. Also hope the foxes get groundhogs.

We just have to hope these critters crossing over to Baker Park do not go up to Rt. 15. The culverts  under the road at the south end of the park do provide passageways. One is normally dry, just has water when there is a storm. Thanks to the folks who send me these updates.

News-Post article on best fall color trees. We have all of the native ones (save one that won’t grow here) in the park including black gum, bald cypress, red maple, no scarlet oak (needs acidic soil) but the red oak/pin oak hybrid on the hill looks pretty good.

Listed as shrubs, these are native: dogwood, sassafras, fothergilla (now at the Key bench area), smooth witherod (park ones have not flourished, but the three in front of my house are wonderful), oakleaf hydrangea (new bench coming in 2018 will have 4 more surrounding it).