Update on Park: Turkey; Buck 11-22-2017

First, I hope your holiday is filled with good times and food.

Our turkeys were on the ramp going toward Rt. 15 yesterday morning, but I traveled there twice after getting the report and saw no evidence of harm.

A team from Astrazeneca worked in the park Monday, planting young trees, including several hollies. I hope to get more evergreens in the park. We had a great session. This is the 3rd or 4th time they have come to help us out.

Worker bees have begun our winter task of pulling as much honeysuckle as we can while the ground is soft. All the little green plants in the woods now are honeysuckle, viney or bush. A few larger native shrubs are still green – cranberry and blackhaw viburnum, oakleaf hydrangea for example.

Turkey is from Nov. 20. Might be Dad, looks pretty big. (I did see mom with the three kids a couple of days ago in the old sewer line.)

Deer is from a backyard in Taskers Chance this morning. Think he’s looking for our females? Hope no harm comes to him.  All our urban park dwellers are in at risk of course. We hope for the best.