6/4/2012 e-News

News from Pres. Virginia Brace

6/4/2012: On Sunday, June 3rd, six girls from Troop 81398 came to the park and worked really well – they mulched the perimeter of our very nice (if I do say so myself) entryway garden at Meadowdale – the oakleaf hydranga in bloom now is amazing!

(Right)  Members of Girl Scout Troop 81398 volunteered to work in the park. They mulched trees and the Meadowdale entry plant area. They also helped plant native plants, then had a few minutes to enjoy Rock Creek.

The girls planted coral bells and goldenrod, also mulched several of the large donor trees. They were a joy to be with, and they are planning to come again. The adults were terrific – that makes all the difference.

We will work with four of Deb Ouse’s scouts this summer, so things are looking good on the youth volunteer front.

In the park, the smooth witherod (viburnum nudum) and the Canadian anenome ground cover are in bloom near the green benches. Catalpa is showy in the buffer. And the meadow is finally showing a variety of colors – walk the perimeter and you’ll see many differenct perennials and grasses. (and yes, some weeds, but I hope to whack them in June).

The small area of ferns, perennials and shrubs that we put in on the east end of the paved path is looking good – foamflower abd geranium in bloom now.

The rabbits were winning at the Baughmans Lane garden area, but I am hopeful that the little fences I put up will deter them from some plants they had been munching. The beardstongue did survive and is very pretty now.

We are waiting for a donated magnolia to fill the hole that the City dug near the Meadowdale entrance. It is a 10 foot, 45 gallon tree – should be beautiful.

We are also waiting for the City to put in slabs for the 2 new benches – both benches are waiting patiently on my porch for their new homes.

Meanwhile the small but enthusiastic crew of worker bees will be out there regularly, enjoying what we do, trying to triumph over the invasives and keep the good guys growing. Hope to see you walking in the park.  Thanks as always for your support.