Update on Park: Snow on Turtle; Clearing Invasives 1-14-17

Our turtle was under the snow (below) last week, but then the weather warmed and the worker bees took advantage. The other photo below is Joe Ganley using one of the weed wrenches to take out a large honeysuckle . We have used those tools since 2007; they were funded by federal invasive species grant funds obtained for us by the MD Dept. of Natural Resources. Wonderful tools.

Five worker bees Thursday and again Friday worked on an overgrown area on the hill near the shed. Honeysuckle, wineberry and oriental bittersweet are easy to spot, and when the ground is not frozen, relatively easy to pull. We also put the five bluebird houses back in their spots at the meadow edges. If we can keep the European sparrows from nesting, we may get bluebirds. If no bluebirds, the swallows will probably take over late spring. We’ll see what happens.

We had new workers, Don Massey and Kathy Gelles-Baxter, joining Joe, Susan Stokes, Lesley Cristol and Fran Hostetler. Nice to be out there with folks who like to get some  winter exercise. End of next week looks promising again. Maybe we will get the entire hill area cleaned up. Spring treatment by Frederick Co. Noxious Weed Control folks will be needed, but the work we do makes it possible for them to maneuver in the area and get rid of regrowth.

Hope you are staying warm and healthy. – Ginny