Blooms Galore in Park May 12, 2015

I hope you get a chance if you live close to walk in the park in the next week.

Both native honeysuckles, red at the kiosk and yellow at the west end, are in full bloom. Look for hummingbirds on them.

All the viburnum, cranberry, blackhaw, possumhaw , nannyberry have white flowers. These become bird food in mid to late summer.

Sweetshrub with its dark flowers along the path.

In the Meadowdale wildflower area the indigo, foamflower, the fringetree and a gorgeous purple flower that I have forgotten the name of!

On the hill toward the east end a large fringetree and the red blooms of the horsechestnut cultivars.

In the Berkheimer memorial area two red buckeyes (again look for hummingbirds).

Two of the pawpaw trees there have flowers – I wonder if we will get fruits.

Along the old sewer line the mystery purple flower that just popped up is out again along with native white wildflowers. We have tons of trout lilies but I never see the yellow flowers they should have. Let me know if you spot any.

Behind the green benches the Canadian anemone is getting ready to pop their white blooms.

And my favorite, the yellowwood at the west end will have its amazing wisteria-like blooms opening is a few days.

All in all it is a great time to stroll and see what you can see. Enjoy!

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