FWP’s Planting Season Culminates In “Open Park” (September 2007)

FWP’s Planting Season Culminates In “Open Park” – published in Friends of Baker Park newsletter

The Friends of Waterford Park (FWP) hosted an “open park” on Sunday, September 16, to showcase its work for the 2007 planting season. Because Friends of Baker Park agreed to serve as FWP’s fiscal agent in spring 2007, all members of FOBP were invited to the “open park.”

Founded two years ago under the leadership of president Virginia Brace, the Friends of Waterford Park seeks to enhance Rock Creek Park and Waterford Park. The area is bordered on the east and west by Route 15 and Baughman’s Lane and on the north and south by residential areas along Rock Creek Drive and the Waterford development. Rock Creek and Carroll Creek converge at the east end of Waterford Park. The group is dedicated to the development of the parks by adding to and making improvements to the parks’ landscaping and fostering neighborhood involvement in the development of the passive neighborhood parks. The park’s goal, approved by the city, is to develop a tranquil park setting where people can enjoy animal life and a diversity of plant species native to MD.

Several new additions to the park were featured at Sunday’s event. Through a grant from the MD Urban and Community Forest Committee, FWP planted a woods edge that included wildflowers, trees, and shrubs. Just off Baughman’s Lane visitors can enjoy a butterfly garden made possible through a donation. In cooperation with the city and the DNR, FWP is experimenting with a meadow area that features perennials and native grass. Nineteen nursery-sized trees were donated to the park and will eventually provide shade along the park’s macadam path. These trees have plaques identifying the species and the donor. In addition, the MD Department of Natural Resources has administered extensive spraying of invasive species to allow the “good guys” to have a chance.

The development of the park has benefited from the support of volunteers, including scout troops, and cooperation from the city of Frederick’s Department of Parks and Recreation. With the park’s efforts to keep invasive species under control and maintain its diverse plantings, FWP always welcomes additional help. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about FWP, please contact Ginny Brace, president of FWP, at info@friendsofwaterfordpark.org or 240.353.7303.