Established: 2005

Goal: To develop the park as a passive park, using native plants to enhance the area for wildlife and to educate the public about the benefits of native plants, while maintaining space for other existing uses of the park.


  1. Grants
  2. Donations from members and community supporters
  3. Membership dues

Friends of Waterford Park is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Members: As of winter 2015-16 approximately 75 individuals.

Involvement: While FWP appreciates the help of its “worker bees,” it also needs the membership support of the surrounding community, whether residents can work or not.   Often grants to which FWP applies, as well as the City of Frederick, ask for membership numbers.   With those numbers often come benefits. If you can help maintain the park, there’s plenty to do.   More importantly, if you want to show your support for the work that’s been accomplished in the park, please join FWP.

Dues: $10 for individuals/ $25 for households

Joining FWP: If you would like to join FWP, download the Membership and Dues Form. You’ll receive copies of our newsletter and notices of upcoming events.


Website: www.friendsofwaterfordpark.org

Email: FWP maintains an email list to share news and announce work sessions.   This is the most efficient way to learn what’s happening.   Contact Ginny at info@friendsofwaterfordpark.org to be added to the list or to ask questions about our group.

Kiosk: FWP appreciates this kiosk built by Jeffrey Crabb from Boy Scout Troop 799, Brook Hill United Methodist Church as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Mail and Telephone: Some members prefer these mediums for staying in touch.   Indicate your preference on the membership sheet or contact Ginny at 301.682.6135.

Newsletters: FWP publishes  Fall newsletters for its members and others interested in the park.

Meetings:  The board of FWP meets bi-monthly although anyone is welcome to attend.

Current Officers:

  • President – Ginny Brace
  • Vice President – Rachel Zigler
  • Secretary – Kathy Soria
  • Treasurer – Alice Meiners
  • Karen Berkheimer Morton
  • Dan Yates
  • Kathy Fay, Liaison with Friends of Baker Park