Update on Park: Snapper & Grosbeak 4-29-2017

Migrating birds starting to appear – this red-breasted grosbeak  was at my feeders today. Two males were feeding at the same time later in the day.

Also moving to land to find a spot to lay eggs is this good-sized snapping turtle. Neighbors could possibly find it is a garden bed, and walkers might come across her. Do be alert. She will return to the water as soon as the eggs are laid.  Ummm, all these years we have waded the stream to pick up trash with no body armor! We may need to be careful in deeper parts of the creek. Snapper was photographed last year as well.

Also,  the fringetrees are in bloom and the yellowwoods will be out soon. Both the coral and yellow native honeysuckles are in full bloom. Has anyone seen a hummer yet? I have not. The viburnums are out – some large cranberry viburnum with white blooms along the path.

And maybe more rain coming – it’s a good thing! – Ginny