Update on Park: Heron Spotted 4-23-2017

Below is one of Anne Kenny’s photos of a black-crowned night heron, the ones that breed in the pines at Culler Lake. I guess our fishing is good over here, too. This one was by the bridge near Baughmans Lane.

Also it is time for election of directors. Alice Meiners has regretfully told us that she cannot continue her treasurer duties. She is processing the renewals, but after that, we need a new person to take over. Our board meets 6 times a year, usually for an hour and a half. We do communicate by email for some purchases, etc. The treasurer needs to keep our ledger, not a huge task because most of our work is physical labor, not buying things. I am happy to show anyone interested our books so you can see how we operate. Actually any member can see them anytime. Alice keeps our records in Quickbooks, but it can easily go to a different accounting software. Please let me know if you are interested. We need someone to step up and fill the need.

FYI, tadpoles are in the vernal pools along the old sewer line, but someone did wheelies with what looks like a four-wheeler, and they went right through one of the pools with tadpoles. I am going to put a few stakes and tape around the pool with the most tadpoles. Whether frogs or toads, we want them! –  Ginny