Update on Park: Meadow Path Now Mulched 3-26-2017

We did it!! There is now a mulched path through the middle of the meadow, something FWP folks had asked for. It took two days of terrific volunteer help – Saturday eight teenagers with KidsTheseDays and Sunday five Hood students with the HoodEnvironental Team.

Many FWP worker bees were on site as well: Lesley Cristol, Joe Ganley, Sala Malec, Kathy Gelles-Baxter, Fran Hostetler, Kevin Jaramillo and Margaret Pierre-Nanan.

Both groups spent about half their time mulching trees in addition to the path work. Special thanks to Fran for getting us the additional cardboard we needed for the base for the path. 

Joanne Leathery’s brownies as always are the hit of the events!

Ready for this? I have recorded 191 hours of volunteer time in the park in 2017! Just check out the woods that is almost clear of honeysuckle. If Lesley has her way, it will also be clear of wineberry in the next weeks! Go, Lesley!!

Below are some photos, – Ginny