Update on Park: Pathway, Bat House, Bridge 11-14-16

The planting area along the path is now complete. Big thank-you to City personnel and to Bartlett Tree Experts. The City installed the slab,donated the teak benches, dug out the surrounding area for plants, installed and anchored the benches and kids’ seats and dug nice large holes for the trees. Scott Greasey, Jim Twigg and staff are the persons responsible. Bartlett donated the three trees. A true cooperative effort. One last piece remains: stones with the names of the Berkheimer grandchildren will be placed among the plants and anchored. This will happen within a week or two.

There are now two bat houses installed with a third to be up shortly. We purchased the two poles and the City gave the bat houses. A Taskers Chance resident donated the third house and pole. Begone, mosquitoes!

Our wayside sign will be installed not far from the bridge shortly. The frame for the slab is ready now. 

Regarding the downstream bridge that has been out of use. The bid process was delayed but bids are out now, deadline for submission is early December. The City expects to install the new bridge in a timely manner as soon as the bids are in.

One sad note: the full moon brought an overnight vandal to the park, first vandalism in years. Fortunately, all the signs ripped off or up and tossed into the woods are back in place. No damage to plants or the benches, kids seats, etc.  Police will patrol now so let’s hope this is a one-time event. Stay tuned.

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