Park News April 13, 2015

Trees are budding, spring is here.

Lots of news.

First, we should shortly be FWP, Inc. – we submitted our paperwork to the state. Next steps are to get our tax ID number and apply for 501c3 status. Until we get that, we will continue to have our funds with Friends of Baker Park in an FWP account. We will get our membership renewal info to you soon.

Second, we have marked ash trees, and the DNR has recommended those that are worth treating and saving. We have $500 in grant funds to treat one large tree and have asked the state for an additional $1000 for two more large trees. More on this in the coming weeks.

Third, the planting of approximately 140 new trees should be completed by the end of this week. We will have more of the trees that do well in the park, and we are trying several new ones: Franklinia (I saw these at Mt. Cuba Center), Carolina silverbell (I saw this at Biltmore), 2 kinds of holly planted on the hill, a cottonless cottonwood (likes our soil), butternut (a walnut that needs good air circulation), sassafras on the hill, American smoketree (not the smokebush people plant in yards but with the same gorgeous pink blooms) and cucumber magnolia.

Finally, a year-long effort to clean up the woods from where the path curves in to the downstream bridge eastward toward Rt. 15 was completed yesterday by 5 worker bees. The weather was not our friend this winter, so there is more cleanup in other areas, but it is very exciting to have that section in good shape.

I hope you get out to see trees like the redbuds in bloom in the coming days and weeks.