End of Year Report – Dec. 27, 2012

First, I counted the FWP worker hours for 2012 and came up with 769.5 hours that I managed to record. Amazing!

That number does not include the hours Bill is out there on his own or the hours I forget to record for myself. If you are a regular, I would love it if you would record your hours, especially if you work on your own – Bill, that means you!!

Kathy and I were going to work this week but since the ground is snow-covered, we’ll forget that.

We were down to our last hundred bucks in the till, but we have received $200 in donations & dues this past week, so we have money now to get a couple of more rolls of fencing – getting rid of chicken wire and putting the good fences around shrubs is one job we can do even when the ground is frozen hard. I’ll let you know when I have gotten the new fencing.

Meanwhile, enjoy our winter wonderland – when I walked my dog after our Christmas Eve snow, there were deer and rabbit tracks all over the east end of the park.   – Ginny